Keri Jackson

Hello, my name is Keri. I am an RVT here at the Emergency Hospital. I have always had a passion for animals; in high school I was involved with FFA/livestock. After graduating and receiving my RVT license, I began my career in the veterinary field. I have one beautiful daughter in whose eyes I see the same passion…Ooh boy I may have the next vet tech on my hands! Taking care of her and my pets, gardening, and roller coasters seem to be what I enjoy most these days!

Jennifer Chavez

Hi! I’m Jennifer, but I usually go by Jen. I’ve been a member of the team here at SVESC since October 2012. I began my medical career in 1996, working for several years as a medical assistant and phlebotomist. In 2006 I decided to return to school for veterinary medicine, earning my degree in Veterinary Technology in 2008. I currently have four rescue pets: a dog named “Schultz,” and three cats named “O’Malley,” “Sumo,” and “Luna.” When I’m not working with the furry patients here at SVESC I enjoy visiting theme parks with my family (we LOVE riding roller coasters!), as well as playing board and video games, and watching movies. My “me” time is usually spent reading or listening to an audiobook.

Nick Campi

My whole life I’ve been super involved with animals- from raising pigs and steers to goats, sheep, and even turkeys.  I used to breed Pembrook Welsh Corgis but now I have a new love for giant breed dogs such as Presa Canarios and Bullmastiffs.  My last pup I even had involved in protection work.  I’ve been in the field for 10 years and have worked at both general practices and specialty hospitals.  With a passion for critical care and surgery, I especially love this hospital that combines my 2 favorite aspects of the field.  My motto is: Kickin’ Butts Savin’ Pups!

Soledad Munoz

Hi, I’m Soledad!  Animals have always been my passion, which lead me to become a veterinary technician.  I obtained my degree in veterinary technology at Carrington college.  I love working and caring for animals in need and enjoy every aspect in this field.  In my free time I like hanging out with my family and my 4 pets who have become a huge part of my life.