Pet Hotel

Please call for reservations: 209-467-8730



Welcome to the Pet Hotel!

As part of the Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center of Stockton, our goal is to provide a safe and loving environment for your pets while you are away. We offer exceptional boarding and daycare with your pets comfort and safety our top priority. Our experienced staff provides 24 hour care in our state of the art, climate controlled indoor facility. The staff gives full attention to exercise, meals, and potty breaks for the hotel guests. Optional services include extra playtimes, additional potty breaks, medications, nail trims, and exit baths.

Hotel guests are monitored by a professional security system to make sure they are comfortable and safe at all times.


The hotel offers several sizes of kennels ranging from 4ft x 4ft for small pets up to 5ft x 8ft for giant breeds.

Each kennel has a raised cot and fleece blanket. Multiple family dogs may share a single kennel or use adjacent kennels. Access doors between adjacent units can be opened to give added space and companionship.

Hotel guests are fed two meals per day. Additional meals are optional.

Each guest is given a minimum of two potty walks per 8 hr shift in our fenced yard. Additional potty breaks are available upon request. Guests remain on leash while outside for added safety.

Optional exercise/playtime is available in our indoor arena. The exercise arena is climate controlled and has a padded floor for protection against injury. The arena may be used by multiple family pets together at the same time.

The feline hotel features a condo design with six separate compartments. Each compartment has a separate litter box area and a spacious play area with a fleece bed. Your kitty may stay in a private compartment or share compartments with other family members by opening access doors to adjacent units. The kitty condos are located in a separate room away from canine guests to ensure a relaxing stay.

Pet owners may bring their own food, toys, and bedding. We feed Science Diet maintenance to all guests unless their own food is provided.

If medications, vitamins, or supplements need to be administered to your pets, please call ahead to make sure we accept the medications or products being given. Medications accompanying your pet must be in the original container, clearly stating the type of medication and dosage. There is an additional charge for medication administration

Dogs and cats with special needs are welcome. Consult the staff for more information.


RATES (per night)


  • 1-25 lbs……….. $36
  • 26-50 lbs……… $38
  • 51-75 lbs……… $40
  • 76-100 lbs……..$43
  • 101+ lbs………..$45


  • $30

$2 off each additional family pet if in the same kennel.


  • Playroom time….. $12 single pet, or $10 for multiple pets
  • One on One time….. $8
  • Oral medication (per dose)….. $2
  • Injectable medication (per dose)…..$4
  • Nail trim….. $15


  • 0-20lb………..$25
  • 21-50lb………$30
  • 51-100lb…….$35
  • Giant 101lb+ or heavy coat…….$40


Our daycare service will provide ample play and exercise time for your pet in our spacious indoor exercise arena. In addition to the toys and bedding we provide, owners are welcome to bring their own items to help our guests feel at home.

Half Day

  • 1-50 lbs……. $18
  • 51+ lbs…….. $22

Full day

  • 1-50 lbs……. $20
  • 51+ lbs…….. $26


Day care half day or full day……$18



8am- 12pm,  3pm-7pm
(closed between 12pm – 3pm)



Other times by special appointment may be arranged.

Check in day is a full day charge.

Check out day on weekdays before noon is no charge.

Saturday, Sunday and holidays are always a full day charge.

Check in or out by special appointment includes an additional charge.

There are no pick-ups or drop-offs on holidays.



  • Bordatella
  • Rabies


  • Rabies

To insure the health of all guests, proof of vaccination by a licensed veterinarian at least three days prior to check-in is a mandatory requirement. Home vaccinations are not accepted. No exceptions will be made. Guests cannot be checked in without them.


A written estimate for services is given at check in. The balance is due in full at the time of check out.

Payment may be made with cash, check, debit or credit card. Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.