Dr. Frey established his surgical referral practice in Manteca in 1984 where it thrived for 25 years as the Animal Referral Center. In 2010 he relocated to our new hospital at 1661 West Fremont Street in Stockton to facilitate the development of a comprehensive veterinary medical group. The new location was chosen to promote the evolution of a multi-specialty hospital to meet the growing veterinary needs of the San Joaquin valley.  The surgery practice was soon joined by the Associated Veterinary Emergency Service, which moved to our building from their Hammer Lane facility (unfortunately, the emergency service had to close in 2022 due to covid related staffing issues, but is currently being restructured). Recently, independent specialists in cardiology, ultrasound, and disc injection have also begun to utilize the hospital. The exciting growth and expansion of services in our facility has given birth to our new name…the Stockton Veterinary Specialty Center.

Dr. Frey’s practice is the only surgical specialty service available in Stockton on a daily basis. He was board certified in 1981, and performs orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, and soft tissue surgery. His patients are cared for by a 24/7 staff.

Comprehensive radiologic services are also available. They include digital radiography, CT, and ultrasound exams. The CT is the only small animal unit in San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Merced counties. The ultrasound exams are performed by an independent imaging service.