If An Emergency Strikes

An emergency is an accident or sudden illness, poisoning, animal bite, severe burn, bleeding, an allergic reaction, or an Injury. In the event of one of these incidents, call our Associated Veterinary Emergency Services lmmediately.

The first responsibility of AVES Is to provide immediate treatment of life- threatening illnesses and injuries. The urgency of all treatment is determined by the doctor on duty. Please be assured that your pet will be treated as soon as possible. Everything possible will be done to Insure your pet s comfort and safety until it has been treated by one of our doctors.

If possible, please try and call ahead before coming to AyES. This allows our staff to be well prepared for your arrival.

What To Do

  • Stay calm - but act decisively and quickly
  • Call us for help at 952-VETS (952-8387)
  • Avoid treatment with home remedies


  • Associated Veterinary Emergency Service
  • 1661 W. Fremont St Stockton, CA 95203


(209) 952-VETS

(209) 952-8387

FAX: (209) 467-8728

Email: vscstockton@att.net




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Weekends: 6pm Friday-8am Monday




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